Hairbrush 'Bamboo Sisal'

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  Shiny hair brush made from natural raw materials
 Soft bristles gently detangle the hair
  Long-lasting workmanship Bamboo handle
 Natural aesthetics and sustainable
  For natural shine and beautiful hair



Our “Bamboo Sisal” hairbrush combines nature and functionality in a sustainable design. The bamboo handle is comfortable to hold and gives the brush a natural aesthetic. The soft bristles made of sisal ensure gentle care and gently detangle the hair. The rubber pad ensures a stable and non-slip fixation of the sisal bristles. With this brush you get an effective styling tool and an environmentally friendly product that is equally good for your hair and nature. The fine structure of the brushes promises optimal hair care, as it distributes the grease from the roots evenly throughout the lengths of the hair and gently detangles it. The superfine sisal bristles are very gentle on the scalp.

        How to use: First, comb your hair with our wide-tooth comb to loosen knots and prepare the hair. Hold the bamboo handle and divide your hair into sections. Start brushing from the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up. Use gentle, even strokes to minimize hair breakage.

        Tip: Avoid pulling or pulling your hair forcefully. If you come across a knot or tangle, gently loosen it with your fingers or a comb before continuing to brush.

        Care: Clean the brush regularly with warm water and one of our mild soaps to remove loose hair and dirt.

        Storage: Store your hairbrush in a dry place to keep the bristles in good condition.

        Disposal: Dispose of in residual waste.

        Wooden handle: bamboo. Bristles: sisal. Pad: rubber.

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