We are rethinking and creating a new relationship with plastic

Plastic has massively driven human progress. The universally applicable material is now indispensable and is important in many areas.

Nevertheless: Plastic, as we have used it in recent years, is a danger for the future. Its stability and durability are both a blessing and a curse.

Rethinking is more important now than ever before. This is what drives us at puremetics.


We find future-oriented alternatives

I am firmly convinced that we humans can solve this problem together and ensure that the world will still be this wonderful blue planet in a million years.

And that’s what we do at puremetics. We eliminate the need for plastic in the bathroom and find better solutions for you and the environment.

We have it in our hands

To understand why a change in thinking is so important for the continued existence of the world as we know it, we would like to present you with some important facts about plastic.

Reach every year
over 2 million tons of plastic waste into the oceans!

An island larger than the United States has already formed from this trash in the North Pacific!

To date, humanity has produced over 6.9 billion pieces of plastic , only 9% of which have ever been recycled , 12% incinerated and 79% ending up in landfills or the environment!

And plastic production keeps increasing! In 1950, 2.1 million tons of plastic were produced annually; today it is over 406 million tons. Yearly!

Over half of it was used only once for product packaging and was not recycled. That corresponds to over 200 million tons of plastic waste every year, as much as 90,000 elephants - twice as much as exists in the wild.


Plastic made from petroleum does not decompose or only decomposes very slowly. Rather, it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, the so-called microplastics .

The burden on the environment is enormous. 90% of all seabirds carry plastic. Millions of animals die every year from our garbage. Entire cultures and reefs are perishing. A dramatic cycle caused by humans. And soon it will be the people who will suffer from these secondary reactions.


We solve the plastic and toxins problem in the cosmetics industry with our sustainable beauty alternatives that offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy high-quality cosmetics while saving the world.

Our entire range is plastic-free! From the formulation to the packaging and shipping. We have invested a lot of love and time into this because our vision requires determination and perseverance.

We cannot stay on conventional paths, we have to find new ones. And that is our motivation.

We create environmentally friendly solutions

Plastic is certainly very important in many areas such as medical care and can no longer be imagined without it.

However, we need to fundamentally change our relationship with this material: use it sparingly. Recycle. And ask ourselves every day whether we can replace plastic in our lives with more environmentally friendly solutions.

Every day we develop new alternatives for you and our environment that work just as well as plastic and are sustainable.

In this way we would like to make our contribution to an environmentally friendly future and have a positive influence on the future course of the world.

We need your support for this mission

LET'S TAKE IT TOGETHER and turn the tide for the better

Starting today, choose sustainable cosmetics that are good for you and your environment. We offer you eco-friendly beauty alternatives with high-quality ingredients that you will love.

Every order counts!