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The presentation

Displaying sustainable cosmetic products in your store is crucial to arouse customers' interest and convince them of the benefits of these products. Of course you are a professional in your field, but who doesn't know it: sometimes in the stress of everyday life you can no longer see the forest in front of your eyes. We have therefore provided some tips and inspiration for you here and hope that we can help you.

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1. Materials

👍 Use natural materials such as wood, stones or plants to create a relaxed and organic atmosphere. This reflects the purity of sustainable cosmetics. The subconscious is already at work here and your customers receive information about the products at first glance.

👎 It is best to avoid artificial materials such as plastic. These materials do not reflect the brand image and tend to present the products in a mental conflict for your customers.

2. Light

👍 Proper lighting is crucial. Use warm, diffused lighting that highlights the colors of the products and creates a cozy atmosphere. Daylight-like lighting can also emphasize the naturalness of the products.

👎 It's best to avoid bright, cold light that goes into the blue range. This seems less relaxing and puts your customers on alert rather than eager to buy.

3rd order

👍 Arrange the products by categories such as facial care, body care and hair care. This makes it easier for your customers to orient themselves and compare which product best suits their needs.

👎 It's best to avoid sorting according to other rules such as scent families. We tried this and had the best experience organizing by care category.

4. A bit of a mess

👍 Contradicts the last point? Not really. Because if you introduce a little bit of variation, you create visual interest. In this case, all of the products are standing except for the top box of dry shampoos, they are lying down. This prevents uniformity, the eye wanders there.

👎 Arrange everything in rows. Products that are arranged too perfectly can quickly appear boring.

5. Highlighting ingredients/effects

👍Label the shelves or displays with the keywords and benefits of the main ingredients or effects. Customers are often looking for specific ingredients to meet their skin care needs.

👎 Avoid listing all the ingredients as this can lead to customer confusion. Instead, refer to your professional advice.

6. Stories

👍 Tell the story behind puremetics and the products. Customers love learning how and where the products are made and what impact they have on the environment. We are happy to offer you free options. Ask us about it.

👎 Avoid mixing too many brands in a small area. This makes it difficult for your customers to find their way around and can be so frustrating that they don’t make a purchase. A smaller, selected range works better in most cases.

7. Provide testers

👍 Offer samples and samples. Customers appreciate the opportunity to try out the texture and scent of the products before purchasing. Insider tip: Our 3in1 mini shower fluffs are ideal for introducing this special product, as this is our undefeated bestseller product category.

👎 If there are no testers or small sizes available, which can happen, at least a sample should be provided. This way, your customers can at least explore the products with all their senses on site.

8. Topic areas

👍Create and sort thematically, present, put together and decorate boxes. Birthday, wedding, Mother's Day. It inspires your customers to shop for the next holiday.

👎Make sure that the values ​​match the subject areas with different brands. This is how you offer your customers a harmonious offer.

9. Open or mark products

👍 Customers have inhibitions about opening sealed products, but they also don't want to buy a pig in a poke. So always have an opened product ready that customers can experience with all their senses. This is also more visually appealing. The view of the product is often restricted, especially with plastic-free packaging. In this way, fewer sales items are secretly opened.

👎Attention: Opened products always pose a hygiene problem. Please note that these products are replaced regularly and do not exceed their expiry date.

10. Matching accessories

👍 Offer matching accessories in close proximity to the product and inspire your customers to continue shopping and upselling. This offers you more sales and your customers a better shopping experience.

👎Avoid unsuitable materials such as plastic when it comes to accessories. Also make sure that the values ​​and harmony are right across different brands.

11. explain visually

👍 Helps you understand the product at first glance. So our shampoo powder can initially be new for your customers. With a visual explanation, it is easy to understand the application.

👎 Good preparation is the be-all and end-all. So avoid offering products that you haven't dealt with. Certainly not an easy task given the abundance of offers, but ultimately you want to offer your customers the best advice. By the way, we do too. Please do not hesitate to ask us if something is unclear.

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