Soap dish 'Luffa'

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 Natural eco-friendly loofah fiber
For efficient drainage of the soaps
 Keeps soaps dry and well ventilated
  Extends the life of your soaps
  Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 cm



Our “Luffa” soap dish is the perfect solution for storing your soap bars. Made from natural loofah fiber, it provides an ideal storage space for your soaps, keeping them dry and well ventilated. The porous structure of the loofah fiber allows for efficient drainage, preventing the soap from softening. In addition, their rustic design provides a decorative accent in your bathroom. The luffa cucumber, which is a member of the pumpkin family, is a purely natural highlight in your bathroom.

      Application: Simply place the loofah soap dish on a flat surface in your bathroom or shower. Place your soap bars on top and let them dry thoroughly after use. The natural loofah fiber provides efficient drainage and ventilation to prevent soaps from softening.

      Care: Clean the soap dish with water if necessary and allow it to dry completely before using it again.

      Storage: Store away from heat sources.

      Note: The loofah shrinks naturally over its lifespan. These are 100% natural products that are unique in color and shape.

      Disposal: Dispose of in organic waste.

      Soap dish made from 100% loofah.

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