Shampoo Powder 'Oat Milk Lemon'

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"Since I've been using the shampoo powder from puremetics, my hair has been smoother, brighter and more beautiful than ever. I was immediately impressed by the great and fresh scent and the ingredients offer great care for the hair and scalp. The switch [...] has "Absolutely worth it. The shampoo powder is a great, packaging-free alternative to conventional shampoo. 100% handmade and even from my region, it couldn't be better." - Isabel K. via reviews.
  • 100% plastic-free and vegan
  • Mix your shampoo yourself in just a few seconds. Powder + water = shampoo.
  • Makes 200 ml shampoo: Saves plastic & CO2
  • Without getting used to it
  • With valuable care phases

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 Mix your shampoo quickly and easily
 Powder + water = 200 ml shampoo
Mild cleaning with a valuable care phase
 Suitable for all hair types
 With shea butter, oat oil and lemon essential oil



Discover our innovative solution for sustainable hair care: our shampoo powder! With just 200 ml of water you can transform this powder into a perfect shampoo that gently cleanses and optimally cares for your hair. Thanks to valuable care oils and a mild coconut-based surfactant, your hair and scalp are gently and effectively cleansed and at the same time supplied with important nutrients. The special thing about our shampoo powder is that you don't need any adjustment phase - your hair will love it!


  • 100% plastic-free (from product to packaging)
  • 100% Vegan (PETA Approved)
  • 100% climate-neutral shipping
  • 100% match! Sustainable and environmentally friendly


Shea butter is used in our shampoo powder due to its rich moisturizing properties. It is known to soothe and nourish dry skin and scalp, making it ideal for hair care. The essential lemon oil gives the shampoo a refreshing scent and also has a cleansing and invigorating effect on the scalp. It can help remove excess oil and impurities while leaving a pleasant scent. Oat oil is another important ingredient that moisturizes and softens hair. It helps to nourish dry and brittle hair and give it a healthy shine. This combination of ingredients makes our shampoo powder suitable for all hair types, as it both soothes the scalp and intensively nourishes and revitalizes the hair.

        Application: Stir the contents of the sachet in 200 ml of boiled water until everything is completely dissolved. Then let the mixture cool for about 10 minutes. Then pour it into a dispenser and let it sit overnight to solidify. Before each use, shake the dispenser well to distribute the mixture evenly. Then enjoy your soothing hair care with this sustainable and nourishing homemade shampoo!

        Tip: Our shampoo powder is practical even without any preparation, especially when you're on the go or when you're in a hurry: simply take a hazelnut-sized amount of the powder and massage it gently into your wet scalp. This creates a rich foam that thoroughly cleanses your hair. Then rinse it thoroughly. The powder is light and compact, perfect for your travels or when you have limited space, while offering you reliable hair care without compromise.

        Storage: Store in a dry place away from heat sources. Once your shampoo powder is mixed, it will last for four weeks. If this is too much shower gel for the shelf life, halve the amount you mix.

        Disposal: Dispose of in waste paper.


        And now once more in German:

        ZEA MAYS STARCH = corn starch

        • Cleansers: Cleanses skin and hair.
        • Deodorant: Reduces and masks unpleasant body odors.
        • Binder: Binds moisture and fat.

        SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE = coconut surfactant

        • Surfactant: Cleanses skin and hair and provides lots of lather. Dissolves substances that are otherwise difficult to dissolve in water.


        • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
        • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.
        • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.

        AQUA = water

        • Solvent: Dissolves and binds ingredients in a formula together.
        • Carrier: Allows ingredients to be better distributed and applied.

        CITRUS LIMON PEEL OIL = Lemon essential oil

        • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.
        • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
        • Freshener: Gives a refreshing feeling.
        • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.

        LIMONENE = limonene

        • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
        • Solvent: Dissolves and binds ingredients in a formula together.
        • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.

        AVENA SATIVA KERNEL OIL = oat oil

        • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
        • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.

        CITRIC ACID = citric acid

        • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
        • PH regulator: Regulates the PH value of the product.

        ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS LEAF OIL = Rosemary essential oil

        • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
        • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.


        • Preservative: Limits the growth of harmful microorganisms, making the product last longer.

        POTASSIUM SORBATE = Potassium Sorbate

        • Preservative: Limits the growth of harmful microorganisms, making the product last longer.

        CITRAL = citral

        • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.

        LINALOOL = linalool

        • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
        • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.

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        only the best

        for your hair and your environment

        Our shampoo powder contains valuable care oils such as shea butter and coconut oil that intensively nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. These natural ingredients help revitalize hair and skin. Our shampoo powder is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It does not require plastic packaging and is therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional liquid shampoos in plastic bottles. By using our shampoo powder, you are actively contributing to environmental protection while at the same time ensuring healthy and well-groomed hair.

        With valuable care oils

        Our shampoo powder is 100% plastic-free from the product to the packaging and does not contain any questionable ingredients that could harm you or our environment.

        Shampoo 2.0: All of our shampoo powders are based on high-quality care phases such as coconut oil, shea butter, macadamia butter or almond oil, which pamper, moisturize and protect your scalp and hair while cleansing.

        Each shampoo powder is specially formulated for your hair and scalp type with a sophisticated mix of different care and essential oils .

        For well-hydrated skin
        coconut oil

        Coconut oil has many positive effects on the skin. It is rich in antioxidants that help fight oxidative damage to the skin. It helps hydrate the skin, protects it from environmental aggressors, and has antimicrobial properties that can help support acne treatments. It can also help smooth the skin as it is very rich and provides the skin with additional moisture and nutrients.

        for a silky-soft skin
        shea butter

        Shea butter is a natural product that can help many people treat dry and cracked skin as well as relieve eczema and dermatitis. It also contains a variety of fats and nutrients that help restore the skin's natural barrier function. The fatty acids in shea butter can help smooth and strengthen the skin, and they can also help fight wrinkles and reduce the appearance of age spots.

        Which shampoo powder is right for me?

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'OAT MILK LEMON ' It is suitable for every hair and scalp type. It cleanses and nourishes the hair without weighing it down. A mix of rosemary and lemon essential oils, shea butter and oat oil provides moisture and shine without weighing you down.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSITIVE' It is reduced to the bare essentials and contains no fragrances and is free of potential allergens. Shea butter, macadamia butter and oat oil soothe and protect the scalp and moisturize it without weighing it down.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'COCONUT MINT' It is less rich in care and therefore strikes exactly the balance between "care and volume". Mint essential oil strengthens the hair and shea butter and coconut oil strengthens the hair roots.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'MACADAMIA ORANGE' Essential orange oil regulates sebum production. A macadamia and shea butter mix in a sophisticated ratio provides enough, but not too much, moisture to normalize sebum production.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'MACADAMIA OAT MILK' Argan oil, almond oil as well as shea and macadamia butter bring strength, shine and moisture.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'TEA TREE ROSEMARY' Essential tea tree and rasmarine oil provide relief against dandruff. Shea butter and juniper essential oil regulate the scalp, soothe it and send moisture to prevent further dandruff.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSITIVE' It gently cleanses and hydrates the scalp and is reduced to the bare essentials.

        Especially if you have severe hair loss, you should avoid aggressive surfactants, fragrances and potential allergens. Medical advice is very useful, as severe, sudden hair loss often causes symptoms. In any case, you should avoid all styling products and dry shampoos as an immediate measure.

        Shea butter, macadamia butter and oat oil soothe and protect the scalp and moisturize it without weighing it down.

        In this case, you should use a special product for extensions, which we unfortunately do not currently carry. The oils contained loosen the adhesive and can damage bondings. The choice between real or synthetic hair also plays a role in choosing your shampoo.

        SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSIBELCHEN' Yes, here too we recommend the Sensibelchen series, which is reduced to the bare essentials, contains no fragrances and is free of potential allergens. Please note that there is no “eyebright” included here.

        elasticity and protection
        almond oil

        Almond oil is a natural skin care product that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences, improves the complexion and increases skin moisture. It is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects against free radicals that play a role in aging. It is also rich in fatty acids that strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and reduce skin permeability. It can also help refresh and moisturize dry skin. Almond oil is also believed to increase the production of collagen, which increases skin elasticity and youthfulness.